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Many Homes Freedom Project Corp. confronts the problem by providing temporary shelter in the identified relocation area. At the same time, a new long-term community is constructed by that local business community, employing the IDPs and Refugees and enhancing the local economy during the process.

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The Community Development Program - (CDP)
The community development program will provide two and three-bedroom apartments for each relocated family. We will implement new shopping centers and supportive and auxiliary businesses to help the new community survive and thrive, increasing taxable income for the local municipality and state.



Our strategy involves land development and the purchasing of pre-existing structures. These enclosed compounds, their temporary safe havens, have complete amenities such as full-service kitchens, dining areas, and laundry rooms. IDPs and Refugees will live here as they actively build out significant scale developments. This allows Many Homes Freedom Project Corp. and the local communities to collectively meet the humanitarian needs of the IDPs and Refugees and provide an economic benefit to every participant in the local economy. Providing the psychosocial benefits of restored freedom, privacy, security, and dignity to the IDPs and Refugees is priceless.

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Many Homes Freedom Project Corp. will deploy The Dynabilt construction system. This system consists of galvanized insulated load-bearing panels, steel roof trusses, and floor joists. It is simple to construct and easy to train installers allowing the IDPs and Refugees to immediately regain a sense of self-worth and independence. The ability to earn an income as an honest tax-paying member of society provides the IDPs and Refugees the psychological gratification of becoming a contributing member of the community.

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Temporary & Permanent



Supportive & Auxiliary



Local Economy



Restored Psychosocial Benefits

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